What to Do When You Can't Make a Credit Card Payment

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What to Do When You Can't Make a Credit Card Payment

Making a credit card payment may seem like just another routine part of life for most people, but when you can't make your payments on time it can really harm your credit. If you need to do something to get your financial life back in order, consider credit card consolidation. This involves either putting all of your credit card debt over onto one card, thus requiring you to make only one credit card payment, or getting a credit card consolidation loan from a company that can help you get out from under each credit card payment and only make one loan payment each month.

That money is then spread out amongst your credit cards, so that each credit card payment is made on time. This helps you get control of your finances, but it also helps build up and improve your credit score. When you find that you're going to be late with a credit card payment, call the company that issued the card right away and talk to them about it. They may be willing to waive fees and increased interest rates if you're upfront with them about your financial problems. If payments are consistently late, a credit card consolidation may be just the thing you need to start repairing your credit.



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