Do you have too many credit cards?

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Do you have too many credit cards?

While it's tempting to apply for and accept more credit cards, especially if you have good credit, excessive amounts of credit cards are not always a wise option. Amassing more credit cards can lead to credit card problems and long-term credit card debt that is hard to dig out of without credit card help. Consumers who routinely use credit cards and have good credit often get offers to add more credit cards. The offers may seem attractive with initial low-interest rates. The idea of multiple credit cards also can be appealing – one for holiday bills, one for vacations, etc. Beware of credit-card problems when adding more cards. First, each card requires a minimum payment, and more if you actually want to pay it off. This can add up quickly, increasing your long-term credit card debt. Second, too many credit cards can hurt your credit rating, lowering your credit score and limiting your credit options in the future. If you think you have too many credit cards, seek credit card help from a debt counselor.



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