Anyone can become a victim of credit card fraud

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Anyone can become a victim of credit card fraud

It is important to always know where your credit cards are at all times. It is very easy for someone to steal your cards to commit credit card fraud. Many stores do not check the name of the person using the card when doing a transaction. This means that anyone can forge your name to make a purchase. Credit card fraud can happen very quickly. Someone can steal thousands from your account in just hours. If you notice that your card is missing is important to call and immediately inform your credit card company. If you do not notice that your card is missing but notice that there are transactions that you did not make on your bill you need to call the company. If unauthorized transactions have been made by someone using your card then you have become a victim of credit card fraud. By calling the credit card company you will be able to have a credit card investigation take place. During the credit card investigation the company will look back at records and see where the credit card fraud took place. The credit card investigation will show where transactions were made, how much they were made for, and possibly who made the transactions. The person may or may not be found.



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