Your Credit Report

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How do you combat high interest rates keeping your balance up?

Your Credit Report

Your credit report should be checked at least once per month. Checking one's credit report allows a person to see not only whether or not his or her identity has been stolen, but also allows him or her to check for other unauthorized transactions regarding credit.

Often, companies will pull a person's credit report to check for the amount of credit—this is where many credit card offers come from. The problem with this is, every time a company pulls a credit report to check to see if it should offer an individual credit, that individual's credit score drops some points. If one were to get three or four offers during a month, his or her credit score would drop (assuming it drops by 2 points) six to eight points.

Other things that can make one's credit score slide are pulls by current credit companies. If a person has a credit card or a mortgage, that credit card company or mortgage company will also pull the credit report from time to time, decreasing a credit score.



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