Find out if you have credit problems

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Find out if you have credit problems

The easiest way to avoid a credit problem is to stay out of credit debt, or manage your credit card debt carefully. But in today's world of long-term credit debt and high-interest credit cards, avoiding credit problems is easier said than done. More and more Americans are living with long-term credit card debt, and are closer to having credit problems than they may think. A family illness or job loss could easily wipe out paychecks and savings, leading to major credit card problems and long-term credit card debt. So how do you know when your credit card use is a credit problem? Read the questions to find out if you have a lurking credit problem, and need to seek credit card debt help. A "yes" answer to any one question may indicate you are headed for credit problems, and should consider credit card debt help. A "yes" answer to more than one question suggests you have credit problems and need immediate credit card debt help.
* Do monthly charges exceed your ability to make monthly payments?
* Do you pay off one creditor by borrowing from another?
* Do you use credit cards to pay monthly bills?
* Are you taking cash advances from credit lines or credit cards for everyday expenses?
* Do you get phone calls and notices from creditors demanding payments on late bills?



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